Half way through term 1

i can’t quite believe how quickly the term has gone.  I’m already a quarter of the way in the academic year.  It’s now the count down to Christmas! The Halloween party was hailed a success – and we made £200.  A great achievement all round! I’m getting there with student names – although the first […]

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Blogs and parties 

so the bathway site has started to be linked to first year blogs… Out of around 30 students there are only around 6 link.  That’s 20 percent… I wonder how long it will take to become 100 percent. In other news the October fundraiser – Halloween party – is underway.  Do buy your tickets!

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Health and Safety Training

On Friday I u dear took additional health and safety training.  I know what your thinking… Dull… It got into a large discussion around the nature of teaching and students.  The HSE (health and Safety executive) say you can can do most things if you are ‘competent’.  Where competence is defined as having: training, skills, […]

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I’ve spent the day at PLASA’s rigging conference.  It’s day one of two days at PLASA, the second is tomorrow’s trade show where i’ll be meeting Ed to cost up purchases for Bathway, so we can figure out what our spending priorities will be over the next five years. Today however has been about safety […]


Puppets for Pippa

Yesterday was a puppet day!  A day for making puppets.  I have to admit that I haven’t had quite as much fun at work for along time.   Pictures coming soon… 4 puppets made – a wooden bird This works by pulling a rope, which pulls the wings down.  A bungee then springs the wings […]

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